SAMSUNG LEVEL U – Bluetooth Sterio Headset

Hey guy !!! So today I’m going to blog about the SAMSUNG LEVEL U – Bluetooth Sterio Headset. I know there are a lot of unboxing and review videos out there but this is something I just got hands on, all thanks to my sweet heart Sis…. as she gifted me this knowing how much I love bluetooth Headphones ( I have 7 other Bluetooth Headphones with me besides this on from which 2 got spoilt 😛 ). So ya thanks a lot Melvita for this lovely Gift. Getting back to the review, I am writing this review after using it for one full day. I have the Gold Colour Headset, there is another varient which is in Blue Colour.

As usual before we start, I would like to share a few Photos of the device.



In The Box:

You will get the below in the box.

  • 1 Bluetooth Headset
  • 1 User manual / Quick Start Guide
  • 2 Extra Ear plug pairs

There will be NO CHARGER / USB Cabel provided in the box, however you can use any micro USB cable to charge your headset.


  • On / Off Power button
  • Micro USB Charging slot
  • Magnets in earphone to stick together.
  • Dual-Mic
  • Noise Reduction
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Dual Device Pairing (can connect to 2 devices simultaneously)
  • Claim to have 500 hours standby time / 10 hours music play / 11 hours talk time.
  • Audio streaming profiles A2DP, HSP, HFP, AVRCP
  • 3 key function
    • Volume Up (+)  / Prev track
    • Volume Down (-)  / Next track
    • Play / Pause /Answer / Ignore

About The Device:

You will Have a slider Power Button on the bottom back on the Neck band. This make it easy to Turn On / Off the device without accidentally calling or having to long press any buttons.

On the top back of the neck band you will  have the Micro USB charging point.

The two Mic’s are on the ear pieces, one on each side. The Ear pieces are the in-the-ear type.

There are magnets in the earpieces so that you can stick them together when not in use to avoid them from gettig tanged or moving too  much.

On the Right Side of the neck band in the front you have 3 buttons. Starting from the Tip going backwards below is the order

  1. Play / Pause / Answer / Reject – You can play  / pause music when no call is on. If you receive a call, press the button once and it will answer the call, to rejet , long press it.
  2. Volume Down (-) / Next track – To lower the volume, press the button once for a step by step volume down. To shift track to next long press it.
  3. Volume Up (+) / Previuos track – To increase the volume, press the button once for a step by step volume up. To shift track to previous long press it.


The Device is Comfortable. The Neck band fits well. The Earphone Wires are not too long or too short. The Buttons are easily accessable (does take a little while to get used to them, but nothing too difficult). Sound Quality is great (depends on the device you are using). Has its own sound control which is seperate from the Devices sound control, hence if you feel the volume is too low even if your device is on max volume, chances are there that the headphone inbuilt volume control is on low, so just keep pressing the volumn up button. Has lasted me the full day watching 2 movies and listeing to music for about 3 hours. Overall a simple and comfortable device. 🙂

You an find reviews and specifiction about the device at






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