Hello Friends !!! I’m writing this post after a really log time. Hope a have a good audience to check this :).

So Today I’m going to review a Helmet Bluetooth Headset. I still say that don’t use your phone when riding / driving, but this is for those who are carefull, responsible and like to keep things simple.

Most of us who ride a two wheeler would understand the difficulty when you are riding and you receive a call or may be if you want to listen to some music, and you have to use these wired headphones in your ears and after a while your ear lobe starts to pain very badly. More over the wires just come in your way whe you are riding. You have to also find a proper place to be able to keep your phone, either in your shirt  / pant pocket, or some other (not so) convenient place.

Thats when you really wish things were wireless, and thats where a bluetooth really helps. But you can’t just get a normal bluetooth headpone as it’s not easy to fit in side the helmet. More over you can’t access the buttons on the headphone when the helmet is on.

So here is where you need  a Bluetooth Headset for your Helmet. There are many Helmet’s which come pre-fitted with a Bluetooth, but they have a few disadvantages.

  • They cost a fortune
  • If you already have one Helmet, you have to spend and buy another.
  • If the Bluetooth gets spoilt, you can’t change it easily.
  • If you don’t like the inbuilt one, well your stuck with if (after all you paid a fortune for it)

There are a few External Bluetooth headsets which you will get in the marked to fit in your existing normal helmet’s. The price range will start from ~ 2000 INR.

SG-02: BLUETOOTH HELMET HEADSET is the one I just purchased from a store called ASG. They have the store in Mumbai – India, and also  have a website from where you can order online along with some other bikers gears. Besides their own website, they also supply  through e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay.

Before I begin with the review, below are a few photos of the product and the specifications.




In The Box:

  • Bluetooth Headset with in-built mic and charging port
  • Warranty card (6 months) (please keep the invoice / bill with you as well)
  • Micro USB Charging cable (No adapter provided just cable)
  • Instruction booklet.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology + EDR, CSR
  • Frequency 2.4 – 2.5 GHz
  • Range 10 meters
  • Li-ion battery 150 mA
  • Continuous music playing for about 5-6 hours
  •  Standby time 2 – 3 days on low usage.
  • Charging Port Micro USB
  • Charging time < 1 hour



  • Answer / Reject calls
  • Increase / Decrease Volume
  • Play / Pause Music track
  • Next / Prev Music track
  • Caller name / number callout
  • Call last dialed number
  • Light Colour Indication for charging (Constant RED when charging, no coloue when finished charging)



I got this device from the ASG online site for Rs. 1800 /- during the discount period. On Amazon it is available for Rs. 2000 /-

Link on ASG site: –

Link on Amazon:-


  • The Speakers are very good. Sound clarity is just good, specially if fitted at the right place.
  • The wire between the 2 speakers is long enough.
  • The mic is long, and also has a good clarity.
  • The battery backup is farely good, considering the size.
  • Pairing the device with the phone is very easy, and once paired, the device will auto connect when started.
  • The auto-connect of bluetooth is very fast.
  • Compatable with any Helmet.
  • 6 Months Warranty.
  • Slightly water-resistant
  • Universal Micro USB charging port, can use any android phone charger or data cable.


  • Device is not Entirely water-proof.
  • The Buttons are a bit hard to operate when full helmet is closed, you need to get used to the position.
  • No dual phone pairing.
  • No Intercom feature (meaning cannot communicate in groups like walkie-talkie)
  • Voice will tend to crack if speaking too loudly (not actually a con, but does tend to affect the opposite person)



The Headset is worth the price. It may not have the intercom feature, but that doesn’t affect if you dont’t go on long group rides. The Bluetooth functions briliently and serves the purpose its built for. You wont feel you have extra speakers in the helmet and its comfortable. No worries of sticking the wired headphones in your ears, or sticking the phone inside the helmet to talk or removing the helmet to talk. Light in weight, good battery backup, universal Charging cable and port. Clear speakers and mic. in a budget of Rs 2000/- what more can you ask for 😉 …


Note:- When Using the bluetooth helmet, please keep the volume on low so that you an also hear the surrounding traffic. As the helmet will cover completely, the high volume will cut-off the surrounding sound and that could be dangerous. DO NOT talk and drive, halt the bike at the side and talk, no worries of removing he helmet to speak.



  1. wow, really very good information and safety also, recently I was also purchased one Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth through online 47 Zone, really it’s very comfortable to use at riding time and its available affordable price also.
    Thank you


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